Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Please Stop The Clock

One week from right this minute, I will be 40 minutes into the Multistate Bar Examination and the essay portion will be ancient history. Well, recent history. I don't know if I'll have much time for blogging between now and then, plus I imagine that y'all don't really want to read my musings on venue and intervention of right, or on future interests (kill me now, please). BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD! MINIMUM CONTACTS! COMPELLING GOVERNMENT INTEREST! INTENT FOLLOWS THE BULLET! BREACH OF DUTY! That's what my thought patterns pretty much look like right now, interspersed with hysterical sobs.

My plan is as follows: One last review of the essay topics, then the entire weekend will be practice MBE. I'm hoping (praying) to rock the MBE so hard that they won't even look at my essays, since I'm pretty sure that will be the only way I can pass, barring divine intervention. Monday, I'm going to shop for lunch stuff, so that I don't have to try and buy something with the other 2 million bar takers in my 40 minute lunch break. I also need earplugs. Tuesday is the essays, and I'll probably blow through the super condensed version of the MBE outlines for Evidence and Property before bed that night (by far my weakest topics), just for a little refresher. Wednesday, the MBE. Then I will come home, drink beer, and go to bed. Thursday, I will sleep until I get a headache and drink some more. I'm hoping to drive the memory of this hellish summer out of my head because dear Lord.

So, to Dirty Birdie, Catherine, my dear friend N in California, and Jill, as well as any other bar takers who are reading this blog, but I'm just too fried to remember:

Good luck!!!!

Check back next Friday, when I will hopefully be awake and my brain will be semi-functioning again.



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