Saturday, July 01, 2006

I'm, Like, Really Going to Take This Exam

My admission ticket came in the mail today.

Along with the admission ticket, we also received a schedule. I was horrified to learn that we get only 40 minutes for lunch. Would it kill them to make it a full 45 minutes, especially given that all 5,000 of us will be descending on the same set of restaurants during the same 40 minute period along with all of the worker bees from the downtown area. It could take 30 of those 40 minutes to get your hands on food to begin with.

Also, we got a list of permissible and impermissible things on exam day. I was relieved to learn that we can, in fact, use earplugs. I tend to become hypersensitive when I am freaking out, so I could imagine myself fixating on some particularly loud typer, much like I fixated on the jerk from the Other Law School who sat in the row in front of us during PMBR and typed so forcefully that I really thought his laptop ought to stop working altogether. We are not allowed to wear baseball caps, fashion hats, or hoods of any sort, unless they are religious in nature and approved by the board of examiners. We are also, contrary to the advice of the PMBR rep, allowed to bring drinks in, so long as they are in containers that can be completely resealed. We are not, however, allowed to bring our laptop bags into the room with us. Instead, we have to leave them out in the lobby of the convention center. I will definitely not be taking my very awesome new laptop bag with the pretty dragonflies.

I can't believe this is really real.



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