Monday, June 26, 2006

Commerical Interruption

Apparently, fan clothing that bears the logo of a non-sponsor is a threat to the interests of the sponsors of the World Cup. I mean, I love commercialism as much as the next American, but really, this is a bit much. I don't understand how the mere presence of the non-sponsor logos waters down or negates the sponsors' publicity. The stupid ads around the field are still there, the announcers are still saying "Brought to you by Bigstupid Corp.!", the players' uniforms still have whatever company logos on them. Even in the numbers by which I am certain the Dutch fans were wearing those silly orange pants*, I can't imagine that the people out in TV land were going to suddenly stop drinking their Budweiser and run down to the store to buy some Bavaria or something.

*Once, I was camping in Italy during the EuroCup and Holland was playing against somebody. In a sitcom-esque coincidence, the Dutch schools had just let out for summer break and the whole campground was filled with Dutch families. That morning, it was like waking up in a Fanta factory: orange as far as the eye could see. Orange banners, orange t-shirts, orange hats, orange tablecloths... I wouldn't be surprised if every person also drank orange juice for breakfast that day. It was sheer lunacy.



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