Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Preaching To The Choir, I Suspect

It all started with this link, forwarded to me during an IM conversation with Eep.

Then, I followed this link to a page that puts it even more bluntly.

You're damn skippy! Jesus would be totally ashamed of a huge chunk of the people who have co-opted his name to spew hatred and discord. Not to mention the fact that I'd bet he'd be more interested in seeing these people use their time and money to do something that might actually help the sick, the poor, the downtrodden-- you know, the people that Jesus spent a huge part of his time here on Earth ministering to-- instead of buying giant banners and spending hours holding what is essentially a version of the Two Minutes Hate disguised as a prayer vigil.

I'm not a trained theologian. But I'm pretty sure that Jesus told us to love one another, and I'm equally certain that the things being said and done by the loudest members of the Religious Right have nothing whatsoever to do with love or with God.



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