Friday, July 07, 2006

... I'll Tell You Who You Are

With apologies to Brillat Savarin:
Am I a Security Seeking Ascetic? Or maybe I'm a New Aquarian. Personally, I think the second is closer than the first, and if I go back and take the survey again, changing some of the answers that I felt could go either way, I come up as a New Aquarian. I felt especially frustrated with questions like "'Children should be taught to obey authority' or 'Children should be taught to question authority'?" because I don't think either one is right. I mean, "obey authority" is just as stupid as "question authority". You have to do a little of both in life. Some authority is good, it's what keeps us from total anarchy and allows us to have a civilization. But at the same time, not all authority is good, and it's our responsibility to think about the things that our authorities ask us to do, and at times to question their edicts or even to disobey them. Also, money is for 'making and saving' versus 'spending and circulating'? Again, try a nice middle ground. You want to save enough to make it through the rough times, but you don't want to be a miser and never enjoy the fruits of your labor. Money is for living. It's for providing necessities first and foremost, and after that, it's for making life worth living, through creature comforts, through luxuries, and through giving to others-- and not necessarily in that order.

Anyway, I can't remember whose blog I found this little survey on, though I think it was Jill. If you want to take the survey yourself, it's here.

Okay, now I'm off to study evidence. One hour. Then, when I start to feel sick and worried and curse the name of Professor Feedback for the sheer lunacy that was our Evidence class, I will stop and work on Torts. Yesterday, I made Intentional Torts flashcards with different colors and everything! Today, I think I will make negligence flashcards. Or maybe "defense to torts" flashcards. Is it sad that Torts feels like a "safe" subject to me?


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