Monday, July 10, 2006

Just Think What I'll Be Like Two Weeks From Now

The closer I get to the bar exam, the more my hatred for people who cut their grass or whack their weeds with a noisy gas-powered tool grows. Especially for the jackass down the street who is using an ancient asthmatic lawnmower that keeps sputtering and wheezing and almost dying, then roaring back for a few brief moments of earsplitting grass cutting, followed by more sputtering and wheezing until it just stops every ninety seconds or so. Then Mr. Lawnmowing Jackass spends several minutes trying in vain to restart the mower, which, if it were alive, would surely have been sent to hospice by now and given medication to keep it comfortable until it dies. The lawns here are postage stamp sized, so really, he could bring a pair of toenail clippers or kitchen shears outside and be done faster and with considerably less damage to the quality of air-- and life-- around the neighborhood.

Also, I am really starting to hate the lawn care company that my landlord hired to mow the patch around our building. I know, I know: no one wants to work in the heat of the day. I get it. Truly, I do. And I even sympathize. But! 7:27 a.m. is TOO EARLY to rev up your mowers! I would think, given the ever sinking price of non-gas models and the ever increasing price of gas, more of these companies would be switching to electric or manual mowers. It would be a win-win situation! No noise, no noxious smell (because nothing makes my morning coffee taste better than a healthy dose of exhaust fumes just outside my windows-- on both sides of the apartment at once, because one crew is in front and the other in back), lower fuel costs, and no appreciable change in labor costs. At least, that's what I gather from the people I've spoken to who've switched to electric or manual mowers for their own lawns. Of course, if you're mowing an enormous area, that wouldn't be feasible, but again, most of the lawns in this area are not rolling acres of green. They're not even the kind of lawn I grew up with, which was big enough for a swingset and a small aboveground pool, but not much more. Totally do-able with an electric or manual mower.

Back, semi-ironically, to studying for property, a.k.a. "My Worst 1L Class". I cannot WAIT to never think too closely about vested remainders and the effing rule against perpetuities again.

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