Monday, January 23, 2006

Cost Benefit Analysis

While I appreciate the potential disruption of the learning environment that can occur when students come in late, I would dare say that interrupting the lecture three separate times in the first ten minutes to scold the latecomers and impress on the class your intense desire for everyone to take traffic disruptions into account and be certain to arrive on time is even more disruptive and is unlikely to have a great effect on the chronically late. Extreme lateness is one thing. Wandering in four minutes after class starts is another. And if the same students are late over and over, perhaps a chat with those students outside of class is in order.

Just a friendly thought. Love you otherwise; today’s lecture was great. I'm really enjoying this class. In fact, I'm sad that I don't have another chance to take classes with you. But really, let's be reasonable.

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At 11:49 AM , Blogger European said...

Reminds me of my Spanish prof who interrupts herself whenever an errant cell phone rings in class for a five-minute lecture on "phones are not allowed in this class."


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