Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wasted Trip

I went to Goodwill this afternoon to look for a new coffee table and to drop off some items that I've culled from my closets recently. I drove to one a little further away than usual because it's also near a Wal Mart and I needed to supress the gag reflex that even the thought of that stupid yellow smiley face induces so that I could buy my milk. The day that Tarjhay starts carrying Parmalat will be a great day in my life. A great day, indeed.

But I digress.

On my way out the door, I picked up the two bags of clothes and stuff that had been sitting in my solarium, waiting for my next trip to Goodwill. When I arrived, I plucked the bags from the backseat, tossed them in the donation bin at the front of the store, and went merrily on to pick through the racks for an hour. I scored an angora sweater and left happy. Then I continued on to Wal Mart, picked up a couple bags of groceries, and headed home, feeling productive and industrious. Arriving home in the dusky twilight, I carried the groceries inside and started unpacking them, then remembered that I'd thrown the bag from Goodwill in the trunk of my car. I ran outside, popped the trunk, and realized that I'd left the other three bags of stuff that I wanted to drop off sitting in the trunk, entirely forgotten since the afternoon earlier this week when I put them in the trunk with the intention of dropping them off this weekend.


Guess this means I'll have to work another trip into my schedule. Maybe I'll go to the big one near the mall...


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