Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Remember, Only YOU Can Prevent Mulch Fires

Several "reminders" in increasingly stern language have been sent to the entire company over the past few weeks, asking people to smoke only in the designated smoking area, and to dispose of their butts in the provided receptacles. One of the more recent ones even asked all managers to make sure that any temps were shown the smoking areas, just to ensure that they understood where, exactly,the back lobby doors are located. Apparently, this is a very difficult concepts for the smokers in our building, because today, the following email was sent to the entire company:

"Mulch acts as kindling when cigarette butts are tossed into shrub beds and it is therefore imperative that cigarettes are distinguished in the cigarette repositories directly outside of the back lobby doors. Last summer, [another building in the office complex]'s front flower bed caught fire and was completely destroyed due to a cigarette thrown in the bed. A mulch fire was just extinguished today at yet another building [in this office complex] for the same reason.

As a reminder, the only location designated for smokers on the My Company property is outside the back lobby doors."



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