Tuesday, April 24, 2007

People Are Funny

A slice of my life: One of the duties that I'm temporarily handling until a permanent person is hired to take it over is helping with the small business accounts we recently acquired. That means handling everything from a request for a W-9, to billing disputes, to handling a request for a settlement on the account for a company that's about to fold. I got a call from a woman who wanted us to send her something in writing explaining the relationship between My Company and New Subsidiary. I asked her if she'd received the "Welcome Letter", which was sent to all of New Subsidiary's customers prior to the acquisition and detailed the changes. Yes, she told me, but she needed something more. I hadn't actually seen this letter myself, so I pulled it and read it. Right there in paragraph two, an explanation was given, explicitly stating the relationship between My Company and New Subsidiary. I couldn't imagine why it wouldn't suffice. So I saved a new copy of it and renamed it "MyCompany-New Subsidiary". Then I emailed it to her with a sweet little note, asking her if something like this was what she had in mind.

A few minutes later, the reply popped up in my inbox:


Yes, that's perfect. Thank you so much for your help!"



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