Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More Adventures in Job Hunting

Taken verbatim, albeit with identifying information changed, from a job listing:

Hello my name is Sneaky Sneakerson and I own a few sites and have site managers for them. The job is simple and I am willing to provide full paid training, all I need is for someone to keep track of my site and make sure that agents are posting appropriate ads answer their questions and post unique content to the site. If interested please Fully review our site www.somethingfornothing.com make note of difficult navigation issues and any bugs on the site. Once you are comfortable with the site it’s material and what goes on please mail your requests to sneaky@somethingfornothing.com along with any bugs.

Please ask any questions which you may have and write a brief paragraph why you are right for the job. I would like to see your resume.

Please, allow me to translate:

I want someone to find the bugs and other problems with my company's website, but I am too cheap to pay for a proper IT professional to do it. Therefore, I am going to make it sound like finding the bugs is a "test". People who are desperate for a job will want to impress me, so they will kill themselves trying to find the most bugs, on the theory that the person who finds the most will get hired. Then I will take the responses and use them to fix my website. AND IT WAS ALL FREE!

Wait! I guess I'd better have them send me resumes, too. Otherwise, they might wise up that this job doesn't actually exist. I guess I can just throw them in the trash when they get here.


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