Sunday, August 13, 2006


Thanks to the very practical advice from a friend of Hulio's, the laptop is up and running again. Paca and Krista should be gratified to know that her advice echoed theirs (which I didn't get until just now). Unfortunatly, neither of those things worked, and I had to follow some rather more complicated instructions, which (THANK GOD) worked. I cannot wait to send this stupid thing in to get a good working over as soon as it's practical to be without my laptop for an extended period again. Plus, maybe they'll also replace the 7 key that keeps falling off. And put a new door over the one port that won't stay closed anymore. And replace the mouse. This laptop is starting to remind me of my old car: much loved but a real pain in the butt to maintain, and there's always something minor but very annoying broken on it.


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