Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lake Wobegon It Ain't

So I was listening to the radio while stretching after a run tonight. It was the first time since several weeks before the bar that I got out for a run, and I am appalled at how out of shape I am. There is no way that I will be able to run the 5K at the end of the month, not even if they promised me a large sum of money or a lifetime supply of poppyseed pastries from my favorite bakery for finishing. Anyway, the station I was listening to is one of those "we'll play anything" stations that tries to pretend like it's not actually owned by ClearChannel or one of its ilk. The music on this station is great. It's on both my alarm clock as well as Ash's, and I love how one morning we wake up to Prince and the next morning it's Maroon 5 and the morning after that it's Steely Dan.

It just so happened that the station went to a commercial break as I was in the middle of doing crunches (good LORD, what have I done to deserve these pudgy abs? Ohhhhhh yeahhhh... too many poppyseed pastries, not enough crunches. Note to self: reverse this ratio and you might just find that those hot jeans fit again.), so I didn't bother to turn the station. I wasn't really paying attention to the commercials, but it caught my ear when a voice came on between two commercials with obnoxious jingles to say:

"Remember, half of the people you know are below average."

I almost pulled a muscle from the sudden spasm of laughter trying to escape my hard working abs. It was just so random! And man, I guess this place is no Lake Wobegon if even the corporate radio station noticed it and gave up 10 or 15 seconds of air time to publicize it.


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