Monday, November 06, 2006

More Fun With Automated Phone Systems

At this very moment, I am on hold with American Express, waiting to take care of some small business. To get to the point of being placed on hold, waiting for the next available representative to take my call, I first had to navigate the automated system. This particular system uses a... somewhat different voice than I've heard before. Each and every phrase and sentence ends with a sudden sharp rise in inflection. Presumably, this is supposed to make the voice sound more natural and less like an automated voice, but I think they've gone a bit far with this one, because the overall effect is to make it sound like American Express has hired a 17 year old teeny bopper to answer their phones:

"Thank you for calling American Express? To continue? Please enter your card number?"

I swear to you, I expect to hear:

"If you've, like, lost your card? Go '1' or, you know, press the button?"


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