Monday, October 16, 2006

Yum City

Ash, in a recent fit of domesticity, bought a crockpot, and it seems that we have a new tradition in the making: Monday Crockpot Dinner. In its inaugural run, Ash concocted a delicious pork... thing. I can't remember now what cut of meat it actually was, but the important thing is that it simmered for hours with onions and potatoes and mushrooms and was incredibly savory and flavorful, despite the fact that there was no seasoning other than salt and pepper involved. Ash is of the opinion that teriyaki sauce would have improved the end result, but I feel strongly that it was exactly right as it was.

Tonight, we had corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and mushrooms, and MAN was it good. My dear friend, Lasoe, came for dinner, which made it all the more delicious. We all had seconds of everything-- and I don't even like potatoes. We capped it off with coffee made in the coffee maker bought in the same fit of domesticity (no more using my Melitta pour over coffee maker to slowly brew cups of coffee for us!) and some Japanese cookies/cakes that I bought to celebrate Lasoe's birthday, which was yesterday (생일축하합니다!).

I don't know what we're going to do next. Ash solicited crockpot recipes on his own blog, and got back a suggestion for clam chowder. Y'all, I hate clams and I really hate clam chowder. It's up to you to save me from having to give in to Ash's vague intention to make clam chowder in the crockpot. Gimme recipes!



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