Monday, September 11, 2006

I Can't Believe I Was Worried

So training with Jack today was lame. Really lame. He didn't let me do anything except follow him around like a puppy. At every table, he introduced me as "My friend, Katze", which made me want to punch him for some inexplicable reason. For all of his rushing, he's an incredibly inefficient server, too. Even less endearing, during the "lesson" on the next section of the menu, he read out loud to me. It was almost impossible to supress the urge to scream "I can freaking read on my own!" at him, but somehow I managed to choke back the words just as they reached the tip of my tongue. Then, when it came time for the preview of tomorrow's quiz, he just told me to "know the pita section"-- unlike my other trainers, who told me which specific items would show up on the quiz (so that I didn't have to memorize all 30 cakes in the 18 or so hours between shifts, only the 10 that appeared on the test, for example).

Unfortunately for me, I'm also training with Jack tomorrow.

Fortunately, I'm only working at The Restaurant tomorrow.

Wednesday I have to run the gauntlet of fake-serving the managers and take a written test that covers the entire menu at once. If (when) I pass, I can start picking up shifts, and they'll start scheduling me for real next week. And then I'll be raking in the cash! RIGHT??

I've also picked up more tutoring students, bringing my total to five. I'm no longer worried about making my rent for November, which is cause for celebration. My first set of post-law school student loan payments start in November, so I'd like to keep some of my current cash reserves to sort of top off my earnings, just in case. It's beenover a year since I got a paycheck, so I'm really looking forward to getting paid.


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