Saturday, May 13, 2006

True Love in Action

Monday, May 7, 2006:
Katze: You know, one of the great joys of being an adult is that no one makes me eat my pizza crusts. I hate pizza crusts.

Ash: [snatches pizza crust from Katze's plate] I love pizza crusts.

Katze: It's a match made in Heaven!

Friday, May 12, 2006:

Ash: [Having finished his own lunch, reaches over and grabs the large chunk of cheese and pepperoni that has fallen off of Katze's slice of pizza and pops it into his mouth]

Katze: Hey!

Ash: [grins, very pleased with himself]

Katze: That's my lunch!

Ash: Anything that's yours is mine!

Katze: Remember how I told you about not liking pizza crusts?

Ash: Yeah...

Katze: Well, you've just turned my entire slice of pizza into a big soggy piece of crust!

Ash: [snickering] Yeah!



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