Thursday, April 27, 2006

Why Hotmail Apparently Sucks

Yeah, yeah, I know: this is not exactly breaking news. Still, I never realized the extent of the suckitude until today.

I've got several email addresses: a gmail (which I only give to good friends), a yahoo (which used to be my primary address, but now gets more spam that I like, so it's been relegated to my general work/ school and family email-- because my sister signs me up for all kinds of "contests" that result in my getting more and more spam. Sigh.), and a hotmail that I use to register for things online. This was purposeful, because I don't want to get spam in the email that I use on a regular basis.

This has been my arrangement for the past two years or so, and it's mostly worked very well. However, I've often commented on the fact that I get less spam in my hotmail account, despite the fact that I throw it around the internet all willy-nilly, than I do in my yahoo account (and I've never once gotten spam in my gmail, which is why I guard it so zealously). Apparently, this is because hotmail trashes my mail without even dropping it into the "junk" mail folder.

I discovered this because I've been trying to sell some furniture on craigslist. I've been using my hotmail for the craigslist remailer because this is the habit I have. And up until now, I've never gotten a single response on the furniture I've been trying to sell off and on for a couple of months now. I decided to repost one of the listings because I really need to move the largest item NOW, and I slashed the price on it, thinking I'd been deluded about how much I could ask for it. This time around, though, I decided to use my yahoo because I'm reliant on dial up right now and it takes so effing long for hotmail pages to load that I can't stand it.

Lo and behold, I got ten responses in two hours, including two that said they'd emailed me in the past and never gotten a response.

Now, I did, in fact, wonder if Hotmail was spamming responses out, so I checked the junk mail folder as well as the inbox. Where the heck do the messages go when they don't end up in one of those two places?

Whatever. Hopefully one of these people will come and get my furniture and get it the heck out of my apartment. I'm so sick of looking at it and I can't wait to see how the place looks when it's not overfilled with furniture. I'm also very excited about getting my new-to-me stuff this weekend (upgrade!). And I will never use hotmail for the craigslist remailer again.



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