Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Law School Wrap Up, Part I

Courses Under My Legal Belt
Legal Process (known in every normal law school as "Civil Procedure I)
Criminal Law
Legal Research and Writing
Criminal Procedure
Constitutional Law
Civil Procedure (known in every normal law school as "Civil Procedure II")
Comparative Legal Cultures
Conflicts of Law
Adoption Law
Federal Income Tax
International Law
Copyright Law
Trademark Law
European Union Law
Family Law
International Dispute Resolution
Business Organizations
Immigration Law
Mental Health Law
Commercial Transactions
Spanish for Lawyers I
Spanish for Lawyers II
Estates and Trusts
Legal Profession (aka Ethics)
Education Law
Elder Law
Legal Research Practicum (or something like that: basically I worked as an unpaid research assistant and got credit for it.)
Swedish 5
Swedish 6

By The Numbers

Number of courses in which I got a grade that wasn't a B: between 11 and 15, depending on how this semester's exams turn out.

Number of courses for which I received zero credits toward my J.D.: 2

Weeks of classes: 90

Weeks of exams: 12

Total weeks of class missed due to pneumonia: 3.5

Total weeks I attended classes while battling pneumonia: 3

Number of pieces that have broken on my laptop (including little doors, keys, and any "dings"): 84,505

Number of times I've had to replace the AC Adapter due to a defect in the manufacture that Sony refuses to acknowledge: 3

Minutes that my laptop battery currently holds a charge: between 15 and 25

Time spent working on write-on competition for law review: 10 minutes, tops.

Time spent regretting not participating: 2 seconds, tops.

Value of free samples obtained from Student Health Clinic for treatment and prevention of various things: approximately $700, or about three times what I paid in student health fees.

Value of free food scrounged from various law school events: approximately not nearly as much as I paid in overpriced tuition.

Times I moved (including the original move to Our Fair City): 3

Number of times I had a breakdown of some sort over exams: 1. The damned Rule Against Perpetuities just would not go in my head, no matter how many times I reviewed or how many practice problems I did. Of course, maybe it was because I just didn't have the right professor for it.



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