Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Apathy +Ignorance = Great Customer Service

Scene: Information table for one of the major bar prep courses. Two paid student representatives are staffing the table. A third year student walks up.

3L: When is the third year deposit due?

Rep 1: [chews gigantic mouthful of food taken seconds before 3L approached the table]

Rep 2: April.

Rep 1: [swallows mouthful of food] No, March. March 15, I think.

3L: [slightly confused] Oh. [hesitates] I don’t know why, but I thought it was sometime in February?

Rep 1: Oh [laughs], maybe it is.

Rep 2: [Reaches for information book]

Rep 1: Well, you’ll definitely get a bill.

3L: [laughs nervously] Oh, OK. Well, if they’ll send a bill... [drifts slowly away from the table]

Rep 1 and Rep 2 go back to their conversation.

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