Sunday, April 05, 2009

Golden Cocoon in the Workplace

Consumer Reports presents the Golden Cocoon Award to recognize products which are shipped in ridiculous amounts of packaging. I received some correspondence on Friday which really deserves to at least be nominated for this prestigious prize.

A letter was sealed in a normal letter-sized envelope, which was placed in an overnight mailer, which was placed in an interoffice envelope, which was then placed in another overnight mailer. ALL of the correspondence was internal, so this masterpiece of overpackaging was utterly unneeded.

If I had been truly evil, I would have taken it to our Green Initiative Chair, who has plastered our kitchen with signs about the evils of styrofoam and regularly sends out emails reminding us that we shouldn't print stuff out, and when we do print, we need to make sure to use the lowest possible print setting-- which she has reinforced with signs over all of the printers, in multiple places (and yes, I did cackle at the delicious irony of it all).



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