Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Three Ways

I stole this from Paca over a year ago and never got around to finishing it. Still here it is, my life in threes:

3 Ways I am a stereotypical wife
I do most of the cooking and meal planning, as well as the grocery shopping.
I have way more shoes and clothes than Ash does.
I like my towels folded a certain way and put in a certain place.

3 Things I'd like to hear:
"Congratulations on winning the Powerball jackpot, Katze!"
"The sellers of your dream house have agreed to sell it to you for $1 because they just want to make you happy."
"All federal student loans are being forgiven, effective immediately."

3 Things I'd like to be able to say
"We love living in Munich."
"I love my job."
"Don't worry Mom and Dad, we can take care of you. Just go ahead and retire."

3 Debates that shouldn't be a matter of left versus right

Climate change, health care, education.

3 People I have been smitten with in my life (embarassing or not) other than my husband:
Because it's more fun to hear about the horrible dates than to hear a story that goes "He was great, but it just wasn't right", here are three terrible episodes from my romantic past.

When I was on the Congress Bundestag program, I made friends with another exchange student who lived in the same region of Germany (though not particularly close by), and promptly developed the most merciless crush and unrequited crush on his host brother. Ditto for this friend of one of the guys who lived in the apartment next door to my first apartment. And finally, I was totally mad about this guy who I dated for a short period of time before I met Finbar. This one was not unrequited, and I thought things were going along quite nicely when all of a sudden I found myself dumped because (according to the angsty break up note-- a NOTE!)he was just too worried that we might get serious and then he'd have to give up all of his dreams and get married. May I note, please, that we were 19 years old when we were dating? And that I certainly didn't have any such plans in mind, and that even if I had, I most definitely did NOT have "become a housewife in rural Ohio" as one of my dreams for the future.

3 Things I wish were true:
That Ash and I both had jobs we love and made enough doing them to do most of the things we would like to do without any worry about money.
That the people we love will always be well and always be with us.
That people always get what they deserve -- or at least that the people who deserve it most would get the good things.

3 Things I wish were false
That we will not finish paying our student loans until after our children, should we have any, go to college.
That our country is terribly divided.
That the idea of America of a meritocracy is akin to a fairy tale.


At 11:37 PM , Blogger pacatrue said...

Very nicely done. Forgot that i made that thing up.


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