Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bar Review, Day 6

Topics covered during the Property lecture:

  • An incident in which a lesbian couple was supposedly given free lifetime passes to all Dodgers home games as an apology for kicking them out for kissing-- which apparently inspired the lecturer to go to Dodgers Stadium with his best friend to "make out", in hopes of scoring free tickets. The vignette was described in loving detail, including the phrase "His hands were down my pants", and was entirely inappropriate for a public gathering of any sort, but especially for one ostensibly professional in nature.
  • A separate incident in which the lecturer ran into Pamela Anderson at a coffee shop while ordering his Tool Drink. She was ostensibly taken with the idea of his being a law professor, and hit on him: a 60-ish looking balding man with a terrible beard, an obnoxious voice, and freakish hands (seriously, they looked like enormous rubber gloves stuck on the ends of his shirt sleeves and pumped full of air), but he didn't pursue it.
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Cher*
  • Farting during the bar exam, requiring the use of a second pair of earplugs to stopper the nose after the proctor refused to allow him to switch seats to get away from the farter.**
*Okay, actually I'll give him this one, because it developed into an anecdote about how supposedly Cher sued someone who tried to build a home that would have impeded her view of the beach and was, I suppose, intended to illustrate the repudiated doctrine of negative easement for air, light, or view.

**He actually inserted sound effects during this story. I wanted to die.



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