Thursday, March 09, 2006

Spring Break By The Numbers

Days I did not leave the apartment: 4
Hours per day, on average, spent asleep: 12
Days I ran a fever of at least 100 degrees: 3
Boxes of Kleenex used: 3 1/2
Gallons of Orange juice consumed: 4 1/2 (Ash helped with that)
Cups of tea consumed, on average, per day: 6
Pages read for pleasure: approximately 4200
Amount of left over indian food consumed: seems like at least 5943 pounds
Loads of laundry I will do today to rid my room of germs: 3
Hours spent studying for the MPRE as of 3 p.m. today: 0
Hours left until I have to take the MPRE as of 3 p.m. today: 42
Bags of potato chips eaten due to intense craving for salty foods: 4
Flavors of potato chips eaten to satisfy craving: Salt and Vinegar, CheezUms (if a dairy product is spelled with a "z", you know it's good!), Plain (and they were gross).
Temptation to eat the ice cream in the freezer without waiting for Ash: very high
Things I forgot at the grocery store this morning: 2 (milk and whipped cream)
Times I tried on shoes today, excited because they were exactly what I want and in stock in my size: 5
Times those shoes actually fit: 0
Piles of dirty laundry, including underwear, left on the communal laundry table, presumably by the new tenant (based on content of said laundry and knowledge of other tenants in building: 3
Plastic grocery bags of garbage left in the laundry room with rotting food in them: 2
Level of irritation at inconsiderate behavior in a communal area: very high
Probability that I will call the landlord to complain if the situation doesn't improve sharp-like: high

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