Friday, February 24, 2006

It's a Wrap

The final public interest society fundraising auction is over, except for the accounting and tracking down the people who didn't pay for their items during the auction. I can't even begin to guess how well it went.

There were several major disappointments for me, though. The biggest one was the fact that many of our members disappeared early in the evening. I spent ages trying to find people to do little jobs in vain. I should have been able to hand a wheel of raffle tickets to a 1L and have them run around the room selling them, but instead I found myself batting my eyelashes at drunk 2Ls. I was also disappointed that there weren't more donations to the Professor Feedback Memorial Grant Fund. And finally, I was disappointed in the fact that most of the people who signed up to clean just... disappeared (this is a theme for the night apparently). However, I should give a big shoutout to Eep, who stayed and helped clean up even though he wasn't in the group. He tried to play it off as "waiting to get a ride", but he could just as well have sat around while he waited, so I think it's more "Eep's a heckuva good person". (Sorry to blow your carefully crafted cover.)

In the past, I've left the auction exhausted but happy. Last night, I just felt let down and disillusioned by my classmates. Completely self absorbed and selfish is how they came across to me last night. 3Ls about to graduate and start big firm jobs with six figure salaries couldn't find it in their hearts and wallets to throw a few dollars in the jar for the Professor White Memorial Grant, despite having had the man for at least two semesters' worth of classes. I don't know why I thought any of them could come out of their self-absorbed shells for any reason. No wonder lawyer jokes are so popular.

Maybe I'll feel better after I get enough sleep.



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