Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Post-Christmas Shopping Binge

Well, for my Verhältnisse, anyway.

I got a lovely new coat from my parents for Christmas. The coat is a beautiful shade of plum, which is a huge change from the red coat I had last year and the camel coat I had for several years before that. That means that I need a new hat, scarf and gloves to match. The scarf is not muy importante because I can eventually knit one exactly like I want (HA! If I ever get caught up on my knitting for people's birthdays...), but gloves are too fiddly for my taste and I can't find the exact hat pattern I have in mind. Luckily for me, there are winter wear clearances almost everywhere now, and I found the cutest hat ever at TJ Maxx. Best of all, I think I can duplicate the pattern, or something close enough to count, fairly easily to knit a scarf that matches. And I'm not terribly fussed about the gloves, since I lose them every time I turn around-- the ones I already have that don't match will get lost soon enough and I can replace them with matching ones at that point.

Then it was on to the local crack dealer, uh, I mean Bath and Body Works, where they are holding their semi-annual Big Sale at which they bring back their "classic" scents. I found Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin stuff, which was a thrill, since I've missed it in its limited Fall run for the past two years. I also bought some Hot Cocoa scented bubble bath that is scrumptious. I mean, a part of me wants to taste it, just to make sure that it doesn't, in fact, taste as divinely chocolate as it smells.

I also poked around Tar-jhay, but didn't find anything except a small box of ornaments for next year's tree. The Swarowski stocking holders I covet are still too expensive, even at 50% off. When they hit 75%, we'll talk. That is, if there are any left at that point.

Tomorrow,I'll be heading to the international supermarket to indulge in German jams, yummy Korean potato noodles, and whatever else strikes my fancy. That's likely to include a few bottles of wine, especially if they have such good specials as they did over the summer. I'm still a little bitter that Finbar kept all of those bottles of wine. That South African Cabernet was MINE, dammit! After I spend an obscene sum on food packaged in languages other than English, I plan to stop by Half Price Books to sell some of the stuff that didn't go on Amazon. Sigh. And YES, I'll likely spend more than they give me on new acquisitions. Shut up. Just shut up.

Then, I must stop. It's likely that I will have used all of the discretionary cash from the relatives who couldn't pick out a gift for me and used the old "money in an envelope" trick by that point and all the good stuff will be gone from the clearance racks anyway. Plus, I'm getting a hair cut and hopefully seeing my college roommate (who I haven't seen since I was a 1L) for a quick visit. My sister's birthday is this week and I am working on a scarf for her, but I sincerely doubt it will be finished before I leave. I will, however, give it the old college try.



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