Friday, December 16, 2005


Having just finished her French exam, War produced three small bottles of champagne and a bottle of Californian Syrah. Together with Anoush we've already demolished the champagne and are most of the way through the Syrah. Have I mentioned that we're sitting in the Student Lounge? The sight of the open bottles seems to have amused the 3Ls and frightened the 1Ls in the room, and I have to tell you, this is the most fun I've had in weeks. Yes, my life is sad. War, would you like to add something?

War: Having had the worst exam schedule known to man, frustrating my attempts to transfer any of my exams, I am fleeing the country. Enough said.

Like hell! You are done with exams, I have three more! And I've already taken four! We should totally go get some more potato chips. And you should take me with you when you flee the country.

Hey, look: it's the Dirty Birdie!

DB: For the record, I am not a dirty bird . Nor naughty doctor. -.-

Don't you have anything more... insightful to say, on this the day that you finish the first semester of your last year of law school?

DB: I haven't accomplished anything for this year. And I dont' even know what you guys were talking about before i got here. hm.. My exams sucked, My love life -non-existing,what else? Therefore, i got nothing insightful to talk about.
And stop flirting with Spring Fling - War. You are even smiling at him. Surprising.

Yeah, she should totally just, you know, grab him and like, do something drastic. Like take Wellington's advice. I bet he wouldn't be adverse to that.

War: Du weisst ja schoen, dass ich dich liebe. Aber dass hilft mich nicht. Auf jeden fall, ich habe viel zu viel spass in diesem moment....

Aber du koenntest doch viel mehr Spass haben, wenn du mit Spring Fling zusammen waerst...

And now DB is all irritated because that was in German and she can only say "Ich liebe dich". But that's too bad because frankly, the wine hit my head about ten minutes ago.

I want to go to H&M and buy things I don't have the money for. And plus, I don't have the time

DB: And war is constipated and flirting with #2

Haha, that's totally true. But he's too nerdy even for me. And you know how much I like my nerdy boys.

War: well, you are more than welcome to the shoulder-less type. I have other priorities...

Well, apparently not, or we wouldn't be talking about your lack of action in regards to Spring Fling, duh.

War: Because it's not like I have other thing, such as finals, to worry about. Spring Fling, aka Eye Candy, will just have to await my return...

You know, you might just find that the Window of Opportunity has closed if you procrastinate. Maybe you should go find him RIGHT NOW before it's too late! And you are TOTALLY cut off, since you can't even spell "fling" right!

War: So I can't isn't like English is my first language. In any case, even if my window of opp is closed, it doens't matter, because I already said that he is more my eye candy than my spring fling.

What freaking ever. "English isn't my first language..." bla bla bla.

DB: You cannot steal my only defense, War!

Yeah, really, plus which, you should have brought more wine. That bottle didn't last nearly long enough.

We totally got all this stuff free from the vending machine, because it kept saying "Make Another Selection" and I did, but it only gave it to me free if it was from the same Fach and so now we've all these Funyuns and I don't even LIKE Funyuns. And no, I don't know what the English word for FACH is. So there.

Ich bin jetzt voll betrunken. Zu viel getrunken. Aber i mog ja a bisserl mehr haben.

Ich schaffe es zum Restaurant nicht.

War: Ich auch nicht...

Helmet Head totally hates us. You know that, right? She should totally share pizza with us. Or else tell us to fuck off. Either one is fine, so long as she does it to our faces.

Scheisse. Keine Funyuns mehr. Und der Wein ist auch alle.

War: Stimmt's ja aber gibt doch mehr funyuns...aber auf jeden fall du bist ja aber betrunker..find ich es doch lustig, weil ich es niemals vorher gesehen habe...geh mal pinkeln...

Ja, kann ich leider im Moment nicht. Da ich Angst habe, aufzustehen. Gehen wir mal zusammen.



At 11:03 PM , Blogger pacatrue said...

That was hysterical. Congrats on being close to finishing?


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