Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Crunch Time

As always, I’ve entered that state of pre-exam panic that robs me of my ability to do any actual work.

I have somewhere in the vicinity of 6000 pages of reading to review and/ or catch up on. I mean that quite literally. If anything, that’s an underestimation. I feel especially worried about Ethics and Mental Health Law because I don’t feel that we learned anything substantive in either course this semester and cannot begin to imagine what we’re going to write a three hour exam about. But I also worry about Commercial Transactions because there is so very much material and about Estates and Trusts because the professor has a reputation for being an extraordinarily hard grader.

Who is the idiot who let me register for seventeen credit hours, all of which culminate in an exam during the two week exam period? I should have looked for some classes with papers or in-class exams.

I am vaguely weirded out by the fact that this will be the last time I prepare for exams in the lead up to the Christmas holiday. I remember that the first winter I lived in Buffalo seemed to last forever because I didn’t have to squeeze tree decoration and shopping for presents and holiday parties in between reading and taking exams. How much stranger will it be after three years in the crucible of law school and law school exam writing?



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