Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Entire City Must Be Communist

I have spent the entire afternoon trying to find butternut squash. What kind of a city is this that they don't have butternut squash at the grocery store so close to Thanksgiving? And it's not like they're just out of stock. There weren't even any empty spaces where the butternut squash would go, if it had been in stock. Spaghetti squash, yes. Acorn squash, also yes-- but damn, it was expensive. Well, for squash, anyway.

I bought 6 medium sized acorn squash in the end, completely guessing on the quantity needed for fourteen or so people. I've never made acorn squash before, so I'm a little squeamish about this. But really, once you roast it and mash it up with a whole ton of butter, how can you go wrong? Right?



At 2:26 PM , Blogger Rebecca said...

Acorn squash is yummy...I make it all the time. A little brown sugar along with that butter makes it even better :)

Can I come for Fakesgiving? I'd rather drive there than go to Florida with my in laws...well, okay, the Florida part is good, if I can avoid the in laws part I'll be okay!


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