Wednesday, March 07, 2007

That's Because I Make It Right

At the end of a lovely dinner together, Ash and I were discussing whether or not to have coffee. As much as I love coffee, I declined, on the grounds (heh. grounds.) that my sleep cycles are already out of whack from the past two weeks and I simply cannot afford to mess with that any more, since I had to start back to work today. Ash countered that we could get decaf, or we could go home and make coffee that's not so strong. I objected, because I really just don't see the point in drinking watery coffee. Decaf, sure, sometimes. But, saints preserve us, not weak coffee.

Ash replied, "Yeah, but there's 'normal coffee' and then there's your coffee. Your coffee is like the god of caffeine walking up and punching you right in the face."

Like that's a bad thing?


At 10:16 AM , Anonymous Catherine said...

You and my hubby have something in common. I tease him that he likes his coffee to be the consistency of motor oil. If it's not sludgy, it's not coffee!


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