Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Probably Not What the Ad Agency Was Going For

The new Dr. Pepper commercial tells you that if you "want it all", then you'll "love the 23 flavors" crammed into Dr. Pepper. This makes Dr. Pepper sound like the soft drink version of a bar mat*. It makes me think that Dr. Pepper was invented when the food scientists at Ye Olde Soft Drink Factory** decided to mix all of their leftover experiments and submit it to the boss as a prank... and the boss was too Pointy Haired to realize it, so he presented it at the next board meeting and the executives, eager to score the next big hit with the youth, raved and sent it into production.

*Urban dictionary defines this as a "Jersey Turnpike" (a term which I would search only with caution, as it apparently also has another more... NSFW meaning), but we called it a bar mat at the place I worked in college. Essentially, the bartender picks up the bar mat and pours all the stuff that slopped over while they were pouring drinks into a shot glass. Popular among drunk frat boys and ex-frat boys as a way to prove their "manliness" or something. Also popular among cheap alcoholics, since most bartenders will give it to you free.

** Yes, I know that Dr. Pepper wasn't invented by a corporation.



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