Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Am Just Full of Good Ideas

Someone should suggest this to next year's SBA.

Instead of subsidizing the Law School Prom, how about if they take just a fraction of that money and hire someone to clean the refrigerators and microwaves? Say once a week, maybe twice. Institute a policy of "Fridges will be emptied on Saturday at 12 p.m. (for example), then let that person come in, dump everything that's left over the weekend, wipe it all out with some antibacterial cleaner, nuke a couple of bowls of vinegar in the microwaves, wipe out the softened gunk, then clean them our with the same antibacterial cleanser. There's surely some student desperate for money who would be willing to do it, and if someone took care of it on a regular basis, they wouldn't get to the toxic conditions (and I only wish that were hyperbole) that they stay at now. Say $25 a week, times 34 weeks (15 weeks per semester plus two weeks of exams) would come to $850 a year. Surely SBA could come up with that kind of cash for something that would benefit the entire student body?

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