Friday, December 16, 2005

Now That's More Like It

I just rocked that exam harder than The Stones in their prime. Harder than "Thriller"-era Michael Jackson. Harder than Barry Manilow singing a duet with Cyndi Lauper.

Too bad it's only two credit hours.



At 2:16 PM , Blogger luneray said...

Woo-hoo rocker grrrl! Good job.

At 11:35 AM , Blogger EEP said...

pangtastic! Would you say your ninja skills also "Rock the casbah" or would that be going too far into hyperbole/cheesiness?

At 3:45 PM , Blogger katze said...

Oooo, I only wish I'd thought of that myself. I would go back and edit, but that would be cheating. And I have my Ethics final on Monday, so that would probably be bad karma.


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