Monday, August 29, 2005

Oh My God, I Like Totally Can't Believe I Just Paid With My Very Own Credit Card!

Target on Freshman Move-In Day is just as bad—maybe even worse—as Christmas Eve. The place was stuffed to the gills with freshly “independent” Freshmen pushing carts loaded with dorm stuff and convenience foods, heady with the excitement of shopping without mom and dad. Whole groups of girls, obviously brand new roommates, all clinging to the same overloaded cart and giggling over which kind of mac and cheese to buy, picking out matching accessories for their rooms, all certain that they will be friends forever. Ah, the heady optimism of your first day at college.


At 12:18 PM , Blogger Rebecca said...

The serious cuteness of that is making my teeth hurt...

Sigh, I still have another three weeks until school starts here and I'm dreading it...the first few days are a total disaster area. I need a vacation :)


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