Monday, August 22, 2005


I have been on dial-up since my very first connection to the Internet. I've always, except for the time I was living in the City of Light, had free dial-up through my school, so I could never see the reason in paying for a quicker connection, given the fact that I am reliant on my own not-very-deep pockets for support. I've been satisfied with it for the most part, though the occasional problems logging into the remote access server at Our Law School crop up. There are some things, like downloading an update for Mozilla, that just take too long on dialup. I just wait and take care of them at school, where the library has high speed Wireless. No problem.

This summer, I lived in a house with wireless. When Grace first told me that rent included Wireless, I saw that as a kind of bonus, the sort of thing where you wouldn't seek it out, but once you find it available, you think "Ooo, that's nice!". Now, having spent 15 weeks surfing the web from any old place I want, including the living room couch and my comfy bed, no page too large, no picture too slow to download. I am now horrified by dial-up. In fact, I am at my parents' house right now and they have DSL and frankly, I'm horrified at the fact that I have to be downstairs in the computer room to connect to the internet instead of being able to take the ol' VAIO upstairs and blog while I wait for my coffee to brew. How will I ever survive? [/melodrama]


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I do believe the angles are crying.



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