Sunday, August 28, 2005

No More Insane Than Usual

Kitty did much better than expected. My method of operation this time was to do the exact opposite of what seems like the right thing to do. I didn’t restrict her food or water intake. I didn’t line the carrier with one of my worn t-shirts. I didn’t place the carrier in the backseat where she couldn’t see me. Instead, I moved the front passenger seat up as far as it would go and belted the carrier in there.

We started off the trip with the usual yowling, including the very, very funny ones that sound like she’s screaming “HelLO! HelLO! HelLO!” at the top of her little kitty lungs. But that only lasted for the first forty-five minutes or so. Then she settled down to muttering pathetic little meows under her breath. Eventually, she went to sleep and fell into a pattern of fifteen or twenty minutes of sleep, followed by five or ten minutes of pathetic meowing, but no yowling. She seemed to be reassured by being able to see that I was right there next to her, though a particularly loud semi freaked her out enough to set off a few minutes of inconsolable yowling.

The trip was topped off with a bath as soon as we arrived home. Kitty was so traumatized that she hid under the bed until the next evening. However, given that she’s spent every night since sleeping pasted to my chest, I think she’s forgiven me for the whole experience.


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