Thursday, August 18, 2005

Busy Little Blogger

Wow, I am sure blogging a lot tonight, huh?

Let me tell you a secret: it's because I don't want to pack.

Asako says "When the test is tomorrow, our desks get cleaned." Yes, we understand each other well, we fellow procrastinators.

I have way more stuff here than I thought I did. I hope I can get it all back into my car. I keep telling myself that if I brought it down in one load, I can take it back in one load. Problem is, of course, that I brought this and that back with me from my various trips back home this summer. I'm hoping that I maintained a good balance by taking things back as well.

I'm also dreading unpacking. There won't be much (any) time between arriving back home and starting school, especially since I've got to make a detour to see my parents and pick up the cat before really getting home. I'll be going through my closets again to sell some of my clothes, which will also be a time consuming pain (though necessary, given the fact that I have so little storage space). It's so unsettling to have things stirred up like that.

I am, however, looking greatly forward to being in my own four walls again. I have not by any means been unhappy with my roommates or my living situation-- in fact, I feel very fortunate to have ended up here and to have found such wonderful friendship, especially Will. Still, I miss my (formerly) curry scented couches, my bookshelves, and my kitchen full of gadgets. I'm excited about the opportunity to take a bubble bath every single day if I feel like it. I'm hoping that my own bed and a purring cat will help relieve my insomnia.

Of course, first I have to pack. And I just don't *want* to do that!


At 11:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, in Uppsala, when you waited until midnight on the day you left to start packing was just business as usual and not a fluke?



At 6:08 PM , Blogger katze said...

Right in one! Although I don't usually have the same kind of trouble packing that I had in Uppsala.

At 1:00 AM , Blogger katze said...

Oh, and Hulio can tell you about how I packed to *leave* for Uppsala the day before I left in less than an hour. She timed me because she didn't believe that I could do it.


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