Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Can I Put It On My Resume Anyway?

Yet another meeting of the International Law Society begins shortly and I am only going because of the free food. I was very eager to join when I started here at Our Law School, especially because this is one of the areas that I thought I might like to practice in. First year, I left the meeting excited about the things that were planned, and kept an eagle eye peeled for information about these events in my email and in the school bulletin, only to be utterly disappointed. Nothing happened. Second year, same as the first, just a little more talk and one or two events that didn't quite happen.

I expect it to be the same this time: lots of talk about all the opportunities you have to get involved, little detail because everything is "to be announced", they'll pass around sign up sheets for different things, including people who want to form language tables where students can eat lunch together while speaking the foreign language of their choice, and then you hear nothing more until the end of the year when officers are mysteriously elected. I suppose I'm going for the food and for the eternal optimist in me that hopes maybe, just maybe, I'll be proven wrong and this will be the year that something happens. I would be happy just to have a language table get off the ground, preferably in German, though I would be happy enough with Spanish.


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