Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Jump Off the Deep End

Today was both better and worse than yesterday. I feel less like a stranger in a strange land, but at the same time, I am even more overwhelmed-- or perhaps awed is more accurate-- by what I'm being asked to do, especially in light of the assignment that landed in my lap today.

I have been asked to draft a memorandum for an issue that is most likely headed for the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. It is apparently an issue of first impression and I am being asked to argue by persuasion in a field where I've got only the vaguest lay of the land. Of course, my work will be heavily guided and reviewed by one of the partners, but still, it is my work to be done. And a man's fate-- and the fate of others like him-- hangs in the balance. I'm a second year law student and this was my second day of work.

I'm terrified because this is some heavy duty shiz-nit. And I am really excited for the exact same reason.

And I am heartened to find that my gut feeling is that I'm going to love this field of law. It just seems to fit. For the first time, I feel like I could face going to work for the next 30 years and doing this every day.


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