Sunday, May 15, 2005

What's REM Got Against Rockville?

I made it to Rockville and am getting settled in. My roommates,Will and Grace seem very nice so far and we definitely share a similar sense of humor. There is one greyhound (not two) and three kitties (not two). The greyhound's name is Turbo and he's all about the love. He sacked out on the floor last night laying on his back
with all four paws in the air and his mouth wide open (tongue hanging out!), just like a cat would. It was very funny. The cats are JoJo, Juana (pronounced like in Spanish), and Pancho. JoJo and Juana are solid black, Pancho is orange with a pink nose, which I think is funny looking. JoJo is constantly showing up in my room, but just for a look around; no touchie is his motto otherwise. Pancho occasionally deigns
to grant me a quick rub, and Juana has stayed hidden.

I'm pretty close to the Metro, so it's super convenient. I suspect that if I skipped my shower, I could sleep in until 8 and still make it to work by 9. I don't plan to test that theory too often, but it's nice to know.

The downside? One, the laptop stopped working again. And of course, I wasn't smart enough to bring the box of papers and discs to send it in for work. I'm going to ask Grace's fiancee to look at it for me, then decide what to do from there. Two, this is yuppieville USA and there seems to be far higher than the average percentage of bratty kids and entitlemoos everywhere you go, especially Target, which was a huge bummer, as this is a MASSIVE and brand new Target and it's like 5 minutes from my house. I might could walk there, but I think it would be a long walk.

That's it so far. I start work tomorrow morning. I'll try to go to bed early tonight, since I haven't slept well the last two nights and I can feel it. I'm dying for a nap right now, but am valiently fighting against it! I haven't seen any of the animals in the entire time I've been sitting here typing-- I wonder where they all are? I never get to type unmolested by my own cat.


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