Thursday, December 04, 2008

How You Can Tell I've Been Really Sick

I did not drink any coffee for two whole days because I could not muster up the energy to make it, nor could I stay awake long enough to drink it.

This is a monster cold. It knocked me out flat for two days. Today, on day five, I am technically awake all day, but I still feel awful. Last night, the crap moved into my chest, which, on the plus side relieved some of the almost unbearable pressure in my head, but on the negative side is making me hack like a tuberculosis patient. Even NyQuil didn't keep me asleep last night. I've dragged myself into work for the past two days because I'm almost out of time off for the year (so much for the week that I carefully saved to carry over to next year in the hopes that Ash and I could take a little vacation together), but I'm so unproductive -- in fact, I'm probably destructive, given some of the mistakes I've probably made-- that it's almost like I didn't come in.

These have not been a kind couple of weeks for my health.


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