Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Darn It All

I guess it really *was* wishful thinking. Maybe he was giving away some of this stuff or something. He's just as loud as ever. Maybe we should just call the landlord to complain.


At 10:12 PM , Blogger Krista said...

Call your landlord. You pay for your apartment, but not for the soundtrack of loudness! Hugs, miss you!

At 4:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was watching TV last night, when a couple of things dawned on me: 1) Kim Khardasian (sp?) and Tia Tequila have reality shows; 2) they are only famous via the internet; 3) the writers strike might mean more reality TV; 4) Katze is on the internet; 5) (and this is the key thing) I would watch a dating/rehab/survival/ultimate-fighting show staring Katze!

So you need to get going on that.



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