Friday, June 09, 2006

Bar Review, Day 25

I had a whole bunch of droll little observations to post yesterday, but Blogger was having, shall we say, "issues" for the second day in a row, and I didn't write them down because of course I was going to remember them, they were so droll! So funny! And now I've forgotten them because I am obsessed by one thought and one thought only:

The new H&M opens today! TODAY!

And I forgot about it until I just saw an ad in the local alternative paper. I wonder, if I were to go down to the new store and take my corporations outline with me, if I could still be one of the first 100 people in line to get in. If I didn't have to go alone, I might actually chance it. But I don't really want to be by myself in that kind of a hullabaloo. PLUS WHICH, I really ought to be studying corporations, because obviously I need to take another hit to my self esteem. It wasn't nearly battered enough by my utter failure to learn Conflicts of Law, despite an entire semester spent in a very rigorous class and three days of reading the outlines.

I did not learn anything at all in three years of law school. Except that a) you shouldn't steal from you clients, b) you shouldn't sleep with your clients-- unless you have a pre-existing sexual relationship, and c) intent follows the bullet. That's it. WAIT! No, d) promise + consideration = contract.




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