Monday, June 05, 2006

A Not So Ringing Endorsement

I decided for a whole host of reasons not to do BarBri for my bar prep. Instead, I chose MicroMash. I placed my order just after finals ended and requested standard delivery because I figured I wouldn't be ready to start on it until after PMBR anyway. So I didn't think too much of it when it didn't come during the PMBR week or the week before graduation-- they did, after all, say 7-10 days. So I called them finally, to be told that UPS was showing that the package had already been delivered. I assured them that it hadn't. They said "OK. We'll send it again. Overnight." That was last Thursday afternoon, and as I am no idiot, I realized that "overnight" would actually mean "on Monday", what with pick up times and the weekend and all.

So I've sat on my butt all day today. I haven' t had a shower yet, because god forbid I not be able to run to the door when the UPS guy gets here.

10 minutes ago, I got an email telling me that my order had been shipped and is due for delivery tomorrow.

Tomorrow. Tuesday. Something like 19 days after I first ordered the course and three business days after I was told my order would be sent to me overnight.

So I called MicroMash. And got voicemail. Screw that. I called back and chose the option for "place an order", since most places make darn tootin' to have someone staffing that line. The guy looked me up and said, "Yes, I show that it took us a little more time than normal to get your order out.It should be delivered tomorrow."

Why? What happened?

"Well, we're really busy right now."

Yeah. No duh! So one might assume that you'd have extra staff or something-- and maybe they do!-- and also that a)screwed up orders might get priority over everyone else, and b)you might not tell people by phone AND BY EMAIL (the original confirmations sent last Thursday, not the email of 10 minutes ago) that the order will arrive on Monday when you won't even manage to get it out your door until then.

"Well, we didn't charge you for the overnight shipping."

Really? Because I know most companies would make a customer pay for re-shipping a shipment that never arrived. So I'm like, totally grateful, and not at all pissed off now.

I can hardly freaking wait to get my hands on the materials now.

Excuse me, I'm off to study my notes from PMBR again.



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