Thursday, December 08, 2005

And You Wonder Why I'm So Obsessive About the Purell

Kim is creating a bit of a stir in Estates and Trusts this morning: we’re all sitting here watching her pick her nose, then rub the resulting material between her fingers until it falls off onto the floor. A grown woman, about to graduate from law school, sitting in the front of the room (so almost every person in the room can see her!), enthusiastically engaging in an activity that most of us learned not to do before we started Kindergarten, if not sooner. There are several people in the section surrounding me whispering about her, and I’ve seen a couple of people elbow the person sitting next to them to point over at her mining expedition. The worst part of the whole thing is knowing that other people are going to have to sit in that seat—and good Lord, am I glad it won’t be me—and touch the desk that her booger-y fingers have been rubbing on for the past 41 minutes.

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At 5:11 PM , Blogger Megarita said...

I cannot help but laugh about Kim. God help her...cannot wait until she starts looking for work and recommendations.


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