Friday, October 28, 2005

Next Time, I'll Key Your Car

I came out to get in my car to discover that an inconsiderate motorcycle driver had squeezed his crotch rocket inbetween my car and the car in front of me, inventing a parking spot that prevented me from pulling forward more than three inches without toppling his stupid bike. At the same time, a Papa John's delivery car had pulled up behind me into another non-existant spot. In order to keep his tail out of the intersection, he had to pull up until his bumper was maybe an inch from my bumper. I was completely blocked in.

I was tempted to call the police and have both morons ticketed and/ or towed, but I figured that by the time the police came, the Papa John's guy would be back and move his car. In fact, 10 minutes later, he was still MIA, but the motorcycle driver came back. He didn't even have the grace to look embarassed, just gunned his engine and pulled out into traffic without looking. I nearly had a stroke.

The best part of the story? He was a fellow law student.

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