Thursday, July 28, 2005

Playing Dress Up

Housesitting for Felix again means that I lugged a whole bunch of crap into the office today. I drove Felix home at midday and dropped my bags off at the same time. His wife was there and we chatted for a minute. She's very sweet, but so very, very different from Felix that you can hardly imagine how they ever ended up together. Then I took Felix's Saab back to the office because he told me I could drive around in it this weekend. Who am I to pass up a tankful of gas that I didn't have to pay for and the savings of a couple of days on my Metro ticket?

I've spent the evening catching up on phone calls and email correspondence while one of his huge dogs lays on the floor at my feet. Every time I move, her tail starts to thump hopefully, since she thinks that I'm going to pet her. Mostly, I do. It's dead quiet here, which is funny, because this area is quite urban. And it's a little weird, especially since I'm used to sharing the house with Will, Grace, and Napayshni (Grace's fiancee), plus the house menagerie so I'm not used to this much quiet. I guess I should get used to it, since I'll be living alone when I get back to Our Fair City.

Jojo has slept with me the past several nights and follows me around when I get home. It's very cute-- he's like a little kid with a crush on his babysitter or something. He's going to be a very disappointed kitty in a few weeks. And Turbo will be a very disappointed doggie, since both Will and I are moving and we s.p.o.i.l. that dog rotten with snuggles and petting. Will says Turbo's getting needy. Last night, he got up in the chair and visibly pouted because Napayshni wouldn't give him the ice cream out of the bowl that he was eating. This, less than 24 hours after a particularly funny bout of begging when Will brought sushi home. Turbo was panting, making it look like he was grinning like a used car salesman and the more we laughed, the more he hammed it up. I am really going to miss that big galoot.


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