Friday, January 05, 2007

How Long Can I Resist?

I started training with June. She's very funny, but it's the kind of funny that you don't notice unless you talk to someone for a longer time. In a "It's a Small, Small World" moment, we discovered that we were neighbors when I lived in Buffalo. Literally. She and her husband lived in a house across the street and four doors down at the same time that I was living in the house on the corner. Neither of us remembers the other, and I didn't know most of my neighbors when I lived in Buffalo, but it's kind of a cool coincidence anyway. She's got a thick Buffalo accent, and whenever she says my name it kind of weirds me out, because she sounds just like Finbar's mother.

She's due in two weeks, and she is huuuuuge. I have never in my entire life walked up to a pregnant woman and touched her belly without permission. In fact, I've never asked to be allowed, because I figure that pregnant women get enough people invading their space, and that's a pretty private thing. Still, after sitting with June for hours, I find myself nearly overwhelmed by the irresistable urge to poke her belly. I don't know why! It's horrible, I know! And yet I find myself thinking of it over and over again...


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