Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Modern Times

At the mall on my lunch break, totally booking it so that I can get to Bath and Body Works, pick out gifts for at least two people, and make it back to the office in less than 75 minutes*... and I come to a dead halt to gape at something I've never, ever seen before:

A Neutrogena vending machine.

Yes, just plug your nickel (and at least one Abe and a few Georges) into the slot, and out pops a sunblock, or a lip gloss, or a powder! How very convenient for those long Friday nights at the mall when you realize you forgot to moisturize before you left! Instead of choosing between running around all dehydrated or leaving the glittery consumerism for your dreary-by-comparison home, you can just slap on a little Healthy Defense and keep on keepin' on! Brilliant!

*Not that I normally get such a long lunch hour, but I had dispensation to take the longer break so long as I stayed a little later to make it up. Which I did.


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