Friday, February 17, 2006

Svenska damcurlarna

Women's Curling was on tv last night. I love curling, at least conceptually. I don't actually know how the game is played beyond the broadest outline. I don't follow the sport, per se. I've never set foot on a curling court (or whatever it's actually called). But I love curling because it makes me feel like I could still grow up to be an Olympic athlete.

Last night's match was between the United States and Sweden. I would have watched anyway, at least for a few minutes, but I quickly discovered the bonus: the athletes were miked. And the announcer mostly kept his mouth shut, so I got to listen to the Swedish team discuss strategy. Now, I know, this is pretty silly. The thing is, though, I never get to hear spoken Swedish. It was pretty enthralling for my inner dork. I watched the entire match. Sweden stole a victory from under the noses of the United States. Of course, apparently, Sweden is the world master or something. (World Mistress?? They are women, after all.)


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